The relation a k Q j b h represents an intermediate situation of hesitation between indifference and preference, called weak preference. Pesquisa Operacional , 26 3: In many cases, a quantitative model clearly describes only a small section of the real problem which is being investigated. However, the most important outcome may be that the end users will increase the insight on their view of the problem, learn about their preferences, and will possibly modify their opinions. Pesquisa Operacional ,

electre tri software

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With this view it is more comfortable to make decisions, as there is the tendency for goals to be met in a more appropriate way. How to ssoftware this article.

electre tri software

A major problem highlighted is that water utilities have been living softwarre high levels of losses, mainly by lack of management and appropriate decisions.

The choice of the method used depends on the type of problem in examination, of the studied context, the actors involved, the structure of preferences and the type of response that you want to achieve, in other words, what is the reference problem Gomes et al. Then, this paper presents a new development with regard to the management and automatic routing of effective maintenance actions which consequently will generate quality improvements, operation and customer satisfaction.

To each one of them was assigned a name of reference represented by the tag: The physical losses are the resulting from: The application of these techniques is particularly necessary to obtain somehow a structured decision for the indicated problem. The set of expressions 5 describes these relationships, but only one of them can occur.

As an illustration, Table 1below, provides some information on losses estimated at several locations in the world: Then, it shows softward sorting that corresponds to these parameter values see example in Fig. For instance, it may be used to sort funding requests according to merit categories e.


electre tri software

Also, the lower classes show some consistency, because the areas allocated in these classes have the lower performance criteria with higher weights. The illegal connections, besides the economic loss because they are poorly installed, easily break down and result in an unknown or difficult access leak. These features allow decision makers to build sorting models in a progressive and interactive manner, where the output at a given iteration is used to guide the revision of the input for the following iteration.

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With this model it becomes possible to improve the allocation of maintenance measures for regions and mainly to improve the operation of the distribution network. The considerations on thresholds of indifference and preference should be defined at this stage with the purpose of allowing small variations that are covered by these thresholds.

The blue pages – The IWA information source on drinking water issues. It is possible to visualize the sequencing of steps and tasks that must be completed and efficiency of the proposed application. Multicriteria analysis also can provide solutions for ttri water decision-making problems Silva et al.

The following diagram Fig. This procedure assigns to a k the class C hbut lower, in which the upper limit b h is preferred to a k b h Pa k. IRIS implements the methodology presented in Dias et al. As stated before, Morais et al.

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Companies that operate in water supply, often perform maintenance on the supply networks in corrective or preventive forms. Journal of Global Optimization Strategically, the maintenance is not only as an act of planning or performing a corrective action or maintenance of an item, but also decisions on actions planned and scheduled to ensure availability of products or services and the efficiency of the organization against the market and its customers.


Go to menu Go to search Go to content Go to navigation. Even if these parameters can be interpreted, it is difficult to attach values to them directly and have a clear global understanding of the implications that these values have for the model output. To adopt a tei of work seeking to apply the maintenance effectively, it should be noted two essential points, the first one is about the physical losses and the non-physical or commercial and the elwctre, the maintenance alternatives.

Two conditions must be verified to validate the assertion aSb h: Thus the maintenance sometimes gets to have a similar degree of importance to the production. Considering the above mentioned relations and their values, it is concluded that the alternative a 8 is preferable to the border b 2 a 8 P 4 b 2 analyzed from the g 4 criteria.

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Being b h the threshold value such in which b h Pa kmust assign a k to the class C h. Water SA36 4: The next softwar then is to define the criteria that will lead to the alternatives to over-process. Prioritization of areas of loss control in water distribution networks.