We can add additional assertions to this method to test additional properties. Take a look at this tutorial: In this post, InfoQ. It requires no browser plug-ins other than the Flash player of course or special scripting languages. First, select NewTes t as shown in Figure

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For each user action, FlexMonkey captures a UI Eventa fflexmonkey and value pair that identifies the target of the event, and event-specific arguments. FlexBuilder Standard edition includes a trial version of the Automation API that limits the number flexmonkey replays allowed flexmonkey launch of an application. It can record, playback, and verify Flex UI interactions.

I encourage you to play with Flexmonkey on the sample application or on your own Flex application to record and play back UI tests. When you install FlexMonkey and start it for the first time, you’ll see a Flxemonkey dialog box with instructions on getting started see Figure 1. Then, Stern flexmonkey licensing: To create a test suite, you use the FlexMonkey launcher to run the application, either by navigating to a SWF file via a file selection dialog, or by specifying a URL from which to load a SWF residing on a server.

Using the spy window, we flexmonkey select any set of properties of a UI Component for which we wish to verify some expected values.

You need to Register an InfoQ account or Login or login to post comments. Here is the generated test case class for our flexmonkey example.

Flex Testing with FlexMonkey

Including such tests in a continuous integration environment provides maximum assurance for the entire team that each code change has not inadvertently broken some distant, but dependent, part of an application system. The CALTAL approach is especially prevalent among user interface UI developers, since unlike an API which can be defined as a logical interface prior to implementation, there is no real means of expressing a user interface for the purposes of testing without actually implementing some amount of view and controller flexmonkey.


Tell us what you think. With FlexMonkey, your tests can drive your application views directly, making it flexmonkey to exercise the view components and flexmonkey logic behind them. While recording is active, every interaction with your application will be recorded by FlexMonkey.

In any case, having the option to add selected QA tests to an integration suite flexmonkey make it much easier for developers to establish a comprehensive base flexmonkey tests.

However, one of the things that makes FlexMonkey so powerful is that it records “semantic” events such as “open combobox” rather than “click at this screen coordinate”. FlexMonkey provides a test runner that can be invoked from an ant task and that outputs results that can be rolled up with other FlexUnit tests as well as JUnit tests for Java. For example, we flexmonkey check to see that when the script is completed the name of the first contact in the list is “Fred”.

Join a community of over flwxmonkey, senior developers. The FlexMonkey Project Properties flexmonkey. As a result, it can be labor-intensive to develop such tests, and since the user interface itself is not being directly exercised by flexmonkey tests, it is often impossible for such tests to verify correct handling of keyboard and mouse input or the correct display of data.

FlexMonkey brings unit testing to Flex user interface developers

Because developers test code that is still flexmonjey development, it is important for a test automation tool to be able to express tests in a largely logical fashion. The New Project dialog box.

Each individual test is output as a method within its corresponding test case class. This is key for enterprise Flexmonkey development projects that have come to depend on FlexMonkey for regression and QA testing, and that are ready to flexmonksy to Flex 4.


FlexMonkey can launch your Flexmonkey application in different ways depending on your needs. In this case, click Browse and select MonkeyContacts. We’re hopeful that Adobe will add the Automation API to the vast majority of the Flex platform that is already open source, but for now you’ll have to bite the bullet on FlexBuilder Pro. The test case, in turn, contains a single test called TestAddNewContactwhich is made up of the various user actions we have just finished recording.

Such ridicule flexmonkey critical to flexmonkey the overall effectiveness of a development team. Although he crossed over to the management dark side fairly early in his career, Stu has managed to keep writing flexmonkey. QA testers, on the other hand, have mainly relied on visual tools that provide for the recording of interactions with an application such flexmonkey mouse clicks and keyboard input, and that can then play back those interactions while flexmonkey results.

FlexMonkey brings unit testing to Flex user interface developers

Flexmonkey our software consulting engagements, we have found that FlexMonkey reduces the overall numbers of tests that developers flexonkey to create, since driving testing from the user interface can exercise the entire application stack, top-to-bottom and even front-to-back. We could test adding contacts to our manager by generating commands programatically. Prerequisite flexmonkey A basic knowledge of Adobe Flex 3 will be helpful.