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giselle silk ianborg remix

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Giselle – Silk (Ianborg Remix) : chillstep

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giselle silk ianborg remix

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giselle silk ianborg remix

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Giselle – Silk (Ianborg Remix) (Dubstep)

On top of releasing her debut album inGiselle Read Full Bio 24 year old singer and producer, Giselle Rosselli, was born and raised in Sydney. On top of releasing her debut album inGiselle is known for her role in writing and performing vocals in the popular dance track “Crave You” with Flight Facilities, and the incorporation of her music on the UK series Skins.

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giselle silk ianborg remix

Always play videos fullscreen. Her use of layering and looped effects allow Giselle to create electronic worlds from cut up organic sounds that home her smooth, almost child-like vocals. Make my profile public at. Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve.