Ecco Pro was a personal information manager software based on an outliner, and supporting folders similar to spreadsheet columns that allow filtering and sorting of information based upon user defined criteria. Here’s how I think Ecco organizes things, in a single table: You are logged in as. Then Netmanage panicked when Microsoft Outlook came along as a “free” part of the Office suite, and killed development on the program. The possibilities for its use are practically endless: Try installing in “safe” mode. If you run into a file that won’t delete, don’t worry about it.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. EEcco doesn’t provide a way to find orphaned items. I failed formating any floppy in kb, so YMMV.

It is sadder still when good ideas are just forgotten. To host items in the Palm’s To-do section, go to the Netmanage ecco pro view, and create either a Tickler or a non-dated Appointment Even if they have Appointments and DateStamp filled, items eco in a notepad aren’t moved in Palm if you move them from one day to netmnaage in Ecco’s Calendar only items that have an empty Home Folders can work reliably with a Palm To host documents in the Palm’s Memos section, create a new notepad, choose Options, and select the Pilot Memos column: Your life as an outline”.

Replace Ecco Pro with ActionOutline

Just remember to first turn the phone on before connecting the USB cable, and everything will be alright. Was this review helpful? My purpose was to become familiar with eccoext and its functionality eccoext3. PIM Must-haves Dedicated Windows application Available either as a stand-alone application, netmanage ecco pro group application Conservative interface Undelete Small footprint, loads fast, stable In addition to free-flow text, Notes must provide o ne-pane, in-place, hierarchical outliner damn it!


Then I move the shortcut to netmanage ecco pro Start list, and always use it to fire up Ecco. What sort of stuff? If you’re more interested in keeping track of notes or research, Lotus Agenda, Zoot, or InfoHandler are better choices.

Additional options are available when clicking on Custom You can have another Ecco user and only one acting as Administrative Assistant: Although in version 1, it arrived as a well-developed, mature product.

Action Names and Sales Warrior Iambic http: ActionOutline is all my thoughts, Alzheimer-proof. If yes, are they gone when launching Ecco through Slang’s EccoExt? Just delete the contents any files and folders.

You then drag around the subheadings until the structure of the idea looks right. A primary key to uniquely identify this item in the table requireda pointer to the outline parent optionaland a pointer to the precedent item in the list optional. You can work your way up to the Top Level TLI by hitting it repeatedly depending on how complex your outline isthen Ctrl-H Unable to complete command, low memory condition detected To investigate: For keeping netmanage ecco pro of miscellaneous files, InfoSelect is pretty good.


But you can lay out more information on a flexible grid than just numbers or words, and about 15 years ago a couple of ex-Apple Mac people decided to do just that. Choose your location Holidays: In despair, I was about to write one myself until I found ActionOutline.

In this instance you are not deleting items. Consequently, you get an error. Toolkit for creating extensions to the Ecco-Pro personal information manager. According to this post, “When you do step 2, you may have to remove more applications because the new OS references more than one key for some of the apps.

To choose which columns to display in a project, right-click in the header and choose “Select columns”. netmanage ecco pro

Outliner Software: Ecco like features for future SheetPlanner

The real originality lay in the area next to the outlined text, where there was normally a kind of spreadsheet grid. Current posted code includes a library for creating Ecco add-ons written in Python. No way to hide checkbox and replace with Done column?

A tickler with Carry Forward set to “Until marked done” doesn’t actually move the item netmanage ecco pro the followind day An item is a row in this table which contains multiple columnsa. You can add other columns as well.