Derivation takes place when the posting is made. Can you plan in the current fiscal year? If an internal order is not settled completely in the prior period and is still debited with costs no transfer posting is executed. If you logged in with language DE, use order type TA. Defined timeline and responsibilities: Overview charge of the profit center is responsible for its balance of costs and revenues.

sap ac612

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Collective Master Data Processing Collective processing is particularly useful when you need to sao existing data to a change in circumstances, for example, if certain master data fields such as the sao, person responsible or company code assignments have to be changed. Create Reorganization Plan 1 By assuming that the actual date is January, the first possible reorganization date is the first of February, as the company code works with fiscal year variant K4. If your price difference account is defined as a cost element, the amount is posted to the profit center of the corresponding CO object SAP AG.

You can find out which objects are not assigned to profit centers by analyzing the postings assigned to the dummy profit center. Create an assessment in the new general ledger.

Financial Statements In the drilldown reports, as well, you can simplify the entry work significantly by creating suitable program variants SAP AG. Assumptions A cost center is just one of several SAP object types to which a profit center can be assigned. Advantages of plan line items: The reorganization plan is not deleted. Create a standard sales order and process the entire order Business Example The pumps you manufacture, R-F1are currently in stock. Newer Post Older Post Home. We do not recommend this in the long term, however, due to the increased volume and additional reconciliation effort required.


The role of the Reorganization Manager contains a link to some check reports.

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The standard splitting procedure delivered by SAP is splitting procedure If you activate document splitting, there is no reason why you should not activate inheritance as well.

In turn, this profit center can have a manual account assignment or can be derived itself. These include field names, screen titles, pushbuttons as well as menu names, paths, and options.

sap ac612

In many cases, you have to allocate certain balance sheet items raw materials, real estate, and so onwhich you initially posted to a single profit center, to several receiver profit centers. If you logged in with language DE, use order type TA. An appropriate warning message appears when you try to make these changes in Customizing.

AC612 Profit Center Accounting in New General Ledger Accounting

You can check this in the Implementation Guide under the following menu path: The example illustrates some of the options this approach provides: Changing profit center from to is not permitted Message no.


Only the three internal orders are listed. These clearing lines generally also contain the partner objects of the accounting characteristics. Assign the following profit ssap Planning Configuration and Manual Planning Lesson: The decision as to how many scenarios you should assign depends solely on the question: Transfer Postings 1 Caution: Profit Center Structure Regional profit center structure sales-oriented Functional profit center structure Product-related profit center structure Business unit profit center planning Profit Center Accounting supports a division of the enterprise into areas of responsibility for profits.

You do not specify a validity period.

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The goods issue associated with the outbound delivery reduced stocks. You transfer secondary costs from cost center planning. Do you need segment reporting in future?

sap ac612

The following postings, regarding payables and receivables are not considered by the profit center reorganization: The business transaction is a general subgroup of actual ac6612 processes, which is delivered by SAP and to which extensive item categories are assigned. The new standard fields include profit center, segment, functional area, and cost center.