As the official description goes, your goal: The Lost Dimension in 3D Platform. Petersen gave the game 2 out of 5 stars. They are free and they are the full version. Strangely enough, it was not included in Epic’s catalog of oldies they still sell at Epic Classics site, although the official game pages are still up.

xargon 2

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Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. In addition to some really cool and creative enemies, levels, and power-ups, Xargon features a nice overhead map you use to explore the land.

DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS

Anyone who enjoys Jill of the Jungle xargob Jazz Jackrabbit will find Xargon an enjoyable game that is also much longer than an average Epic platformer. In most of the levels there are gift boxes, that either explode when you shoot them or contain fruit or other valuable items or nothing at all. The gun can be controlled by pressing up or down arrow keys, making it slightly advance upwards or downwards. Allen Pilgrim 5 points DOS version.


The Xarbon Dimension in 3D Platform.

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Initially, Malvineous is armed with a “laser xargoh, allowing only one shot on-screen at a time which can be controlled by pressing up or down, in which the laser bullet will slightly advance upwards or downwards. List of top downloads. Retrieved from ” https: Great game, beautiful pixel art. Points are earned by collecting fruit, killing monsters, and collecting the four EPIC pool balls.

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The Secret Chamber and Volume Three: Skullman 0 point DOS version. In addition to providing a nice respite from combat and place all the platform levels in a logical geographical context, the overhead map also serves as the venue for plot advancement: Beyond Reality was released as sharewarebut Volume Two: You must find three power objects in each volume and use their magical powers if you ever hope to get out alive!

In volume 1 you must find and destroy one of Xargon’s main reactors.

Emeralds are randomly placed in most levels. The basic goal of the game is to advance through the map by completing levels. I’m so glad people still enjoy the game I created. Read our screenshot tutorial.

xargon 2

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xargon 2

MitchBurns09 0 point DOS version. In volume three you confront the powerful and evil Xargon himself.

Xargon Trilogy

Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us!

Malvineous Havershim is an archaeologist studying strange ruins in Madagascar. Quik the Thunder Rabbit Platform.

xargon 2

List of new games here Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We are working hard to bring you the best oldschool classic games that you can play online. I am perfectly fine with people creating ports of the game and using all the assets for those ports.

Xargon is unique in the sense that you can purchase items at any point during the xargob granted you have the emeralds to spend.